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Visual Home Commander -- X10 Firecracker Software for Windows. Click the Download button to get your free trial.
Control for X10's Firecracker CM17A.  For Windows(R)  95 to 8.1.

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Version 1.7





Visual Home Commander
Windows software for the X10 FireCracker (CM17A)


Welcome!  Visual Home Commander is a software solution that provides an easy to use graphical interface for X10's FireCracker (CM17A or CK18A kit).  It runs on Microsoft Windows(R) 95, 98, 2k, NT, ME & XP.  Visual Home Commander (or VHCommander) is designed to be easy to use without sacrificing power or features.  No programming experience is needed.

    A newer beta version has been released for testing.  Many new features have been added along with several changes to make it more efficient. If you would like to take a look at it, click here.



Screen Shots of Main Window
(click to enlarge) Visual Home Commander for the X10 FireCracker (CM17A - CK18A) Main Window        Visual Home Commander for the X10 CM17A / CK18A FireCracker. Easy home automation. (click to enlarge)


Very easy to set up and has many features not found in most other FireCracker software. 

Features include:

  • All Lights OnTurn all Lights (on a single house code) ON with one click.
  • All Lights OffTurn all Lights (on a single house code) OFF with one click.
  • All (Units) OffTurn all Units (on a single house code) OFF with a single click.
  • Point and Click Macro SetupRecord macros by simply clicking on the command buttons and setting the time between commands.   Then just name it and save it.
  • Run Macros from the Main WindowRun your macros by clicking the "Macros" button and double clicking the macro name.   *Run multiple macros at the same time.
  • Point and Click Group SetupCreate groups of commands (i.e. all outside lights etc.) by just clicking the ON button for each device you want to group together.  Give it a brief description and click save.
  • Simple On and Off Buttons for each GroupYour groups can be turned On or Off with a single click.
  • Point and Click Timer SetupTimers are set up with a few clicks of the mouse.  Select a macro, set the start time and click one button to create the timer.  All timers can be started or stopped by clicking the "Timers" button.
  • Panic Button.  A customizable "panic" button has been added to give you a quick way to start an event or a series of events for the length of time you specify.

Possibly the easiest and most convenient software application available for the FireCracker (CM17A) device.  Go to the "Download" page for a FREE TRIAL.








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