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Visual Home Commander -- X10 Firecracker Software for Windows. Click the Download button to get your free trial.
Control for X10's Firecracker CM17A.  For Windows(R)  95 or Later.

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What's New in This Version


    1)  Tool Tips no longer require restart to view after being turned off.  

    2)  Macro files (.cro) may now be associated with VHCommander.  This will let you start and run a macro by double clicking on the macro name in any folder.  Open the setup menu, click Preferences, and then click on Associate Macro Files.

    3)  Timers now have the option to run on weekdays only, weekends only, or every day.

    4)  A back button has been added to the macro recorder to let you step backward deleting commands.

    5)  Unchecking the "On" checkbox for the loop timer will now terminate the macro instantly.  If you want the macro to finish running before terminating, check the opposite day checkbox ("S-S" if it is a weekday or "M-F" if it is a weekend) and allow the macro to complete it's cycle.

    6)  You can check the "Minimize sends to tray" option in the setup menu so that clicking "Minimize" on the main window will send the program to the system tray.  Right click icon in tray for menu.

    7)  A macro editor has been added to allow for easy modifying or creating new macros.  When installed, a menu option and a button on the create macros window will appear (version 1.60.61 and up).  The editor will also let you print the contents of a macro in an easy to read format.

    8)  Timer Status & Log screen added.  This will let you see what the timers have done and what they are currently doing.  The logs can be individually saved, or auto saved into one single file.  The log can also be printed.

    9)  The create macros window has an improved way of testing macros.  You can now set a fixed pause time to test your macros more easily.  The fixed pause time can be set from 1 second to 60 seconds to allow you time to confirm the commands are as expected.

    10)  Sound has been added to the events.  There are default sounds, but you may set the sound events to any wav file on your system by using the sound setup option in the preferences of the menu.




  Last update June 27, 2017

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