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Control for X10's Firecracker CM17A.  For Windows(R)  95 or Later.

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What's New in This Beta Version



    *  Visual Home Commander can now be translated into different languages.  Please let me know if you would like to translate VHC into your language.  French is available now.

    *  Added the ability to put single commands and group commands in the timers.  To run a single command in a timer, you must format the command with a space between each part. Set the time and days to run as normal, select the "allow manual" button and type the command in the macro name box.
            Examples: A 1 ON  or  A ALL ALF
            Examples: Group 1 OFF  or  Group 8 ON

    These commands can be automatically inserted by doing the following:
    1)  Open the timer window.
    2)  Right click the command button on the main window that you want to use.
    3)  Double click the macro name box on the timer window where you want to insert the command.

    *  Added a quick open for editing groups and group labels.  Double click a group label in the main window to open it in the "Setup Groups" window.

    *  More functionality has been added to the backup and restore for macros.

    *  You can now set the time and day of week to automatically check for updates.

    *  You can now drag shortcuts or files into a timer to open or run that file at the time you specify.  Files will be open by the program they are associated with.

    *  a couple of minor bug fixes.


    *  Added the ability to automatically check for updates on a weekly basis.

    *  Improved the backup and restore proceedures for the macros.


    *  You can now prevent the commands from being sent while recording macros and groups.  On the setup window, select the advanced tab.

    *  The settings for the panic button are now working correctly.

    *  A "Favorites" window has been added as an alternate view for the main window.  Only the units that have label names will show on this window.  The help file has not been updated to reflect this change.

    *  Several parts of the code have been optimized to reduce the size of the exe file by more than 40%.

    *  The "Days to Run" for timers now has 3 more options.  "One Time", "Sun - Thu", and "Fri & Sat".

    *  The uninstaller has been changed to make removing the program easier.  Be sure to run the uninstaller from the menu option and not from the Windows add/ remove programs.

    *  You can now make a backup copy of all your macros by clicking the "Backup Macros" button in the "Manage Macros" window.

    *  A couple of minor bugs fixed.

    *  A new window has been added to set up the preferences, panic button, location, and sound events.  Open this window by selecting "Menu", then "Setup Preferences" or by right clicking "Menu".  Then select the tab of your choice.

    *  Sunrise and sunset has been added to the timers.  To setup a sunrise or sunset timer, open the "Setup Timers" window and click the "Allow Manual" button (or dbl click the "Time to start" box).  In the "Time to start" box, type the command. SS (for sunset), SR (for sunrise).  If you want an offset, add a + or - and the number of minutes to offset.  example:  SS-30  or SR+15 (no spaces)

    *  You can now add additional timers by clicking the "New" button (remove them with the "Del" button).  A scroll bar will become active if more than 6 timers exist.

    *  A menu has been added to the timers window to set up defaults and preferences for the timers.

    *  The timers are now multi-threaded.  A maximum of 4 timers can be running at the same time (as long as the start times are at least 2 seconds apart).  If a 5th timer is started while 4 others are running, it will sent to a secondary buffer and will run when any of the other 4 have completed.

    *  The macro editor has been completely re-designed and combined with the macro recorder.

    *  The group recorder will now show the contents of each selected group, and the contents of the recorded commands.

    *  A "Manage Macros" window has been added to allow for easy testing or deleting macros.

    *  A start time and end time option has been added to the loop timer.


    Please report any bugs, errors, comments or omissions as soon as possible.  Please send email or use the use the form on the contact page. 

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  Last update June 27, 2017

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